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Secret Sauce guitar polish

Secret Sauce guitar polish

1 x 100ml bottle of Secret Sauce guitar polish. 



    1) Put a small amount, about the size of a little fingernail of a CLEAN lint free polishing cloth.

    2) If you are trying to reduce/ remove scratches then work it into the affected area, going accross the scratch, not along with it

    I work in various angles, but not along the direction of the scratch (as much as is reasonable), check your progress as you go, adjust to suit.

    Please bare in mind it wont remove a DEEP scratch - that might need filling and levelling, and possibly sanding out before using Secret Sauce.

    3) For the rest of the guitar, work a small amount (about the size of a thumbnail) into an area approx 6x6 inches, working your way around the guitar. If the guitar has a lot of the usual tiny scratches you may need to work quite hard to get them out, best plan it to try multiple applications over time. If you're selling the guitar and just want to get it into very good shape - just give it plenty of elbow grease!

    4) Finish off with another fresh new polishing cloth - and buff the guitar, removing and finish thats collected in the corners. I use cotton buds for this.

    5) For the best results on an electric guitar, remove hardware before polishing the body to avoid polish collecting in the corners.



    If you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch. There can be issues such as waxy substances on the guitar that need to be removed first.

    We will be happy to refund a purchase if returned to us, excluding postage.


    Shipped fast and free via Royal Mail in the UK, please choose 'Pick Up/ Collection' at checkout and put your address in the notes box

    Not currently shipped outside of UK

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