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Repair Services


The Guitar Repair Workshop offers customers an array of services, from changing a single string to guitar set ups, refrets, electrical upgrades, broken head stocks and just about everything else. . Contact us know what we can do for you.

 Guitar/Bass Set Up (acoustic or electric)

£55 excluding strings

If you'd like to get your guitar or bass playing better, a Set Up is a good idea.

A Set Up includes the following: Nut slot height, truss rod, pick up height, action and intonation adjustments, fingerboard clean and oil, clean and service elecs. General clean. We set guitars to low and comfortable string height but feel free to let us know how you would like it set, also on collection please take time to try out your guitar to make sure its the way you want it. We can make any required adjustments then and there. Also you are welcome to drop back in to make any other adjustments when you have played it at home if it has settled into your home environment.
Strings: we generally use D'addarios & Elixir's or the shop has Ernie Balls, Martins, Fender, Roto's etc, or please feel free to bring your own.

Fret dress & Set up

£99 (fret dress: £44 + set up £55) excl strings

Probably the biggest improvement you can make to a guitar is to level and dress the frets and set it up. We set the neck straight, level the fret tops and re-profile, shape & crown them, as well as paying attention to the fret ends. Then they are polished to a high shine. Once this is done the set up is even more effective as we aren't having to raise the action to overcome the high or low frets. Highly recommended!


While you wait £12  (12st guitar £18) excl strings

Please feel free to drop in (no appointment needed) to have your guitar restrung while you wait. You can have a wander around PMT for approx 15mins while we take care of it. We usually use Daddarios or Elixir's, but the shop has a large selection, or you are welcome to bring your own.

Electrical repairs and upgrades

Repairs, custom wiring and beyond

From re-soldering a loose solder connection to rewiring, shielding, new pick ups, custom switching, we can help.
Example prices:
New Pick ups: We keep some BareKnuckle Pick ups and others in stock, but the choice is so huge that we prefer to order when required. Pay a small deposit and we will call when they're in, and fit them quickly.
Other electrical repairs:
Touch up soldering/ clean pots etc: £10 
Copper foil shielding (varies with guitar): £45
Replacement jack socket: £15 plus parts
Replacement switch: from £20 plus parts
Replacement pot from £20 plus parts
Fit new pick up from £35 , eg 1 x  £35,  2 for £45, 3 for £55
Wax pot 1 pick up: £25 , 2 for £35, 3 x £35 etc (Exluding removal and refit)
Kill switch from £30
If you have a wiring diagram you'd like us to use to upgrade your guitar, no problem!
We have done just about every elecronics repair/ upgrade possible from fitting Chaos pads, turning normal strats into Line6 Variax's, re-winding vintage pickups, fitting pedals into guitars and much more. If you have a specific idea, get in touch.

Headstock Repair

£295 inc clear topcoat

It's a gut-wrenching feeling when you realize your guitar has a headstock break. We have been specializing in these repairs for many years and have a guaranteed repair that will make your guitar stronger than new. It can then be painted and be made virtually invisible. The repaired guitar is then fret dressed and set up, so it plays at least as good as new, perhaps better. Its your choice if you want to have it painted, the alternative is that we seal the bare wood, level and smooth it off so you can barely feel that it ever happened. You can of course get it painted at a later date if you prefer.
The technique has evolved over the past 10yrs with specially developed jigs that first push a loose headstock back in the correct position where it can be glued. The guitar is then loaded onto another rig that enables us to route two deep channels either side of the truss rod nut, down the neck as far as is required, and up into the headstock. Straight-grained pieces of seasoned mahogany or maple are shaped and fitted, levelled and sealed in the channels. The guitar is now repaired and strong.
We have shipped repaired guitars many times, with zero problems. The repair is guaranteed and often paid for through insurance.
Repair without paint is usually £295, with paint is £495. We have however repaired sentimental guitars for less over the years as special cases, please get in touch.


From £250

When you've worn your frets down so far there isn't enough metal left to fret dress, you need a re-fret.
You may also find that a guitar you love the sound of, just isn't that playable due to small frets or a small radius. Refretted with tall frets and then fret dressed to sit somewhere between its original feel and a modern guitar will new breathe life into that old favourite, while keeping the mojo.
There are many sizes of fret wire, so you can have an exact replacement or go larger or smaller. We tend to favour the Jescar brand but can obtain and fit anything you want. Stainless steel frets are a great option if you play a lot, they barely need fret dressing over the years so the +£45 price increase works out much cheaper in the long run.
You can also have the fingerboard levelled and the usual lumps and swollen bumps taken out, often at no extra cost. Guitars with truss rods that aren't working all that well can also be helped at this point. I had a lot of luck with my old strat. I thought it was  going to need major surgery but a refret and fingerboard levelling did the trick.

Partial refrets are no problem, generally £15 per fret (please be aware you may need a fret dress/ set up after a partial refret)

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