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Acoustic Guitar Pick up

Element, Element VTC, Anthem SL, Anthem, M1A etc

  • 2 hr
  • Varies
  • Regent Road

Service Description

Prices inc fitting and 5 yr warranty when fitted by us! When adding a pick up to your acoustic guitar, first thing to do is choose the make and model. We have fitted (and do fit) every brand out there but our favourite brand is L.R. Baggs ( They make great quality pick ups for home and stage. There are several models we commonly recommend, all great sounding, all come with a 5 year warranty: 1) The Element. Under saddle transducer (UST), very discreet, reliable, low maintenance, small volume control that sits inside the sound hole. End pin/ strap button jack socket. Comes with 9V battery, 1000 hours life (sits inside the guitar in zero noise bag, no cutting of the guitar required) Cost includes fitting & 5 yr warranty. £195 excl strings 2) The Element VTC. Same as above with built in tone and low frequency compressor, see L.R.Baggs website for details £210 excl strings 3) Anthem SL. Probably the best pound for pound pick up, same as the Element, but with a microphone that sits inside the guitar. The mic is blended with the under saddle transducer to create an even more natural sound and truly capture the sound of the instrument, cost £270 excl strings 4) Anthem. Same as above but with more control to adjust the mic level while playing, battery level indicator and adjustable mic gain. £370 excl strings 5) Anthem Stage Pro: This system has the Anthem UST and mic, but with a preamp box fitted into the side of the guitar. It has a tuner, EQ, battery indicator, phase inverter and notch filter to reduce feedback. Fitting cost is based on the guitar as some need the side cutting to fit the preamp, which requires adding some strengthening etc. Some guitars are virtually ready to drop the preamp in. Please bring the guitar in to be assessed and a quote given. 6) M1A This is a magnetic soundhole pick up, as used by Bod Dylan, Paul McCartney etc that also has transducers that pick up body vibrations through the grips that hold it to the guitar. Cost £240 excl strings. This pick up can be fitted and swapped between your guitars if so wished.

Contact Details

  • The Guitar Repair Workshop, Professional Music Technology, Regent Road, Manchester, Salford, UK

    0161 877 4962

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